Young people will lead the transition. They will change the way we make everything.

Changing the way STEM is taught.

STEM education that turns classroom learning into leadership in sustainable design.

Classroom-tested activities and challenges based on circular design principles.

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"We need to change the way we teach STEM to adapt to the new circular economy."

Erin Rockenhaus, Founder

Of Carbon emissions comes from manufacturing products
earths are need to satisfy yearly resource consumption
(2 Billion) Tons of Solid Waste produced yearly

What is Circular STEM?

Systems Thinking Applied to STEM

Nature-Inspired Design

Look at natural systems for effective, useful, regenerative design solutions.


Renew systems and established methods. Create new models.


Find new ways to use materials and products


Use natural cycles to return nutrients to soil

R-strategies of sustainable design


Find new ownership models and systems to give new life.


Create skills and systems to restore products to use.


Remanufacture to a like-new product. Refurbish to return to service.

Recycle Last

This is the last resort when nothing else can be done.

Recycle Focused

Harvest specific valuable materials.

Recycle Smart

Invent new systems that do not exist or make existing systems work better.

Take-Make-Waste Economy

Most of of the way things are designed and built TAKES materials, MAKES products that become WASTE.  This is a linear economy.  We can do better.  

How circular Stem Started

CircleUP! Summer Camp 2023

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